the seneschal series

of ye lucidity most sombre-2013seneschal II – of ye lucidity most sombre

there is no injustice to the self if one has faith. if it had come to pass that we had never acted upon something we did not know for certain we would never have turned our gazes to the stars. the true sin, in this matter, is faith based upon fear. better to have faith based on the desire to grow or to learn more – a faith based on hunger.

propraetorian XXXV
30×20, ink on paper




of ye delusions of tangibilityseneschal I – of ye delusions of tangibility

make no mistake: the body is nothing but clay. its uses may be manifold, but its pleasures and agonies are transient. the only thing that is permanent is something insubstantial, yet which stands immovable; something that has no motion, yet causes mountains to move at its whim; something whose energy cannot be measured, and yet is impossibly cold.

proprætorian XXX
30×20, ink on paper

all artwork on this site is copyright © 1997-2011 atelier proprætoria

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