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His Withering Benediction

Posted in art with tags on July 17, 2017 by propraetor

The latest offering from Atelier Propraetoria is now on display here and in various other places around the net. Prints will be available soon.

For your delectation, I present “His Withering Benediction”.

His Whithering Benediction-web

“it is accomplished….”

Posted in art, news with tags , , , on August 26, 2012 by propraetor

salve, citizens.

i am pleased to announce that last week, my newest piece was completed.

this drawing, entitled edictum I – duro in umbræ sancto, is an unusual piece. i am pleased with the result, but something about it feel peculiar to me. it’s almost as though this is, in some way, a further refinement and evolution of my style into something more uniquely my own, and yet with hints of more classical influences like bosch and brueghel the elder.

this piece, however, i am keeping under wraps until the entrenchment show this upcoming friday, so if you want to see it before next week, you’ll need to make your way out to the button factory in waterloo, ontario on friday night. otherwise, keep your eyes here or on the facebook page for images next week.


the unveiling of proprætorian xxxi

Posted in art, news with tags , on December 12, 2011 by propraetor

salve, citizens.

it is with profound pride, no small measure of exhaustion and a tincture of fear that atelier proprætoria unveils the thirty-first proprætorian work: opvs homo favstvs iv: dictata cvm mercvrio.

this piece was a tortuous one for me to complete, for various personal reasons. it is the first addition to the traditional galleries in two years. i vow, however, that i will ensure a return to my proliferation of old.

this is a moment of celebration, children.