Recent Conquests

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Salve, citizens.

I have finally elected to update this poor site. Of late, I have been favouring my Facebook page, since I am increasingly dissatisfied with the layout and interface of this page. Time will reveal a solution.

In the meantime, it behoves me to report on my recent activities. As noted earlier, I appeared at the Rue Morgue Dark Carnival in Hamilton, Ontario. Since then, I have appeared at the newly-spawned KW DarkCon in Kitchener and Horror-rama in Toronto.


Both events were a delight to participate in. It is always a pleasure to me, to stand on the front line and greet the oncoming flow of new friends and interested parties. Despite the fact that I couch my art career in military metaphor, I do take a great joy in every encounter.

Perhaps most recently, I had the privilege of being invited by noted death metal vocalist (and my good friend) David Ingram (formerly of Benediction. Bolt Thrower, Downlord and currently of Hail of Bullets and Down Among the Dead Men) to do the cover art for the latest release by his band Echelon. Therefore, with pleasure, I present the cover for the album “The Brimstone Aggrandizement”.


The album itself is a ripping, indulgent audio assault. It was a privilege to work on this with Dave and to be a part of the phenomenon. To pre-order the album or sample the first offering from it, click here.

The next action will come this Sunday, October 23rd in Hamilton at he Halloween edition of the Bazaar of the Bizarre. I’ll be there along with a slew of other interesting artisans and brilliant people.


After that, I will be at the Strange and Astounding Show on November 19-20 at 151 Cadillac Avenue North, Oshawa, Ontario. This will be my first time there since my appearance at the very first one a couple years back. This one will also be a feast for the sinster aestehtic.


Lots going on and even more things in the works. More as the plans evolve and get confirmed. For now, stay strong and let this war rage on!!


Two new pieces

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Salve, citizens.

Life has been incredibly busy for me of late on a number of levels. I attended both the AlteKrea festival in Kitchener and the Rue Morgue Dark Carnival in Hamilton within the last two months, completed two new pieces since July 1st, and am currently wracking my brain to figure out what I should work on next.

The two new pieces are a bit of an experiment for me. As colour is something which has always been a bit difficult for me to get a grip on, the bulk of my work has been decidedly monochrome. This has changed recently and with what appear to be favourable results.

These two colour experiments have, so far, been very well received by friends and fans in various media. I hope you enjoy them.

In Theatro-web

“In Theatro Doctrinæ Immanis” is an attempt at bringing my obsession with the figure of the plague doctor to a bit more life.

Sacrament - web

“Sacrament” was a further experiment with both colour and texture.

Both partake of the dark narrative horror that I have come to love in my work.



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Salve, citizens.

With pleasure, I direct your attention to my latest work, Saturnine. Yet another foray into the world of the visually narrative, this one is an older idea of mine, but given a fresh look.

And for those interested, prints are available in the webstore.



The Tacit Apostasy

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Salve, citizens.

It is with some small agony that I finally can share with you my latest assault, “The Tacit Apostasy.”

the tacit apostasy

Another in my attempts at narrative art, this one has a deeply personal element to it. I hope you can find a story in its lines.

More works will be on the way soon!


New Pieces, New Prints

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Salve, citizens.

It has been a very chaotic last few months at Atelier Propraetoria. Things are finally settling down for me so I can actually finish a few projects and turn my attention back to the war.

The current work-in-progress is very much in the home stretch and should be completed within a fortnight, if I can work diligently at it. As usual, I am keeping it more or less under wraps. While, at present, it does not have a title, I can share that it is another experiment in darkly narrative art.

a quick peek

A quick peek for you.

In other news, “The Anthropiary of Stonegarden” is continuing its evolution. I am hoping, before long, to share an exhibition of some of its denizens with the rest of the world. In the meantime, through popular demand, I have decided to start offering prints of my Red Windows series, which until now has only been seen on my Facebook page. The prints will be 8×10 and only available through the Etsy page. I will also be offering smaller prints, say 5×7, available in groups.

If this latter offer works out, I may introduce the same for some of my other works as well.

For now, everyone just hang tight and check out my other locations on the web (see the links page).


Arbeit Macht Frei

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Salve, Citizens.

A quick note to let everyone know that, yes, I am indeed still alive and kicking. Yes, I am also changing the formatting on my entries so they are easier to read.

And now for the news, in my world:

In addition to the three commissions on the go, I am also slaving away at a new stand-alone piece. This one, as usual, is an evolution of the level of detail I am including. So far, I am in love with it. The bad news is I screwed it up a while back and have been spending quite some time repairing the damage I had done. Drawing one blade of grass at a time is, to coin a phrase from a friend of mine the other day, “meditative”, but it is also time consuming and a little maddening. Still, the result will be gorgeous, I am hoping.

I have also made mention in other media of my forthcoming book, entitled “The Anthropiary of Stone Garden”. While I am keeping the concept of the book under wraps, officially, I am selling illustrations that I am making for the book. once they’ve been completed and scanned. Poke around on my Etsy page (click the marketplace link to the right for the Etsy link) to get your hands on them, or come out to one of my vending appearances and pick them up there.

In other news, and it pains me to bring personal drama onto my website, but since it would appear I have made a few enemies over the last few years, I would like to quickly say something concerning humanity. Despite my sinister aesthetic (or perhaps because of it) I am, myself, a peaceful person, and when people take it upon themselves to attempt to bully me and mine, for whatever reason, it disgusts me greatly. In all cases, it is they who insist on the enmity and in most cases there is no real cause for it except what they invented for themselves. I am not a fan of people who behave as animals, nor am I a particularly big fan of unnecessary cruelty. Humanity is a process of personal, internal overcoming and it is sad when members of this species refuse to do just that, just to satisfy some petty urges.

I am not going to go on a massive philosophical rant, here, nor am I trying to offer a diatribe against anyone specific. I just wanted to say, always remember your humanity, but never take your eyes off the shadows within, at least not for long. There are things in there that can empower you if you know how or make you contemptible if you do not.

Hope everyone is doing well and you are treating yourselves kindly. Be well.


the road ahead

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salve, citizens.

the bazaar of the bizarre

the first piece of news i should report is that I will again be returning to the bazaar of the bizarre in march. the last one, in december, was fairly successful for me and this time i am going to be changing things up a bit: at the coming bazaar, in addition to my usual prints, i will be selling several smaller originals at reduced prices. these originals i will not be making prints of. rather, they are going to be included in a book project i have conceived which i will hopefully have for sale later this year.

in other news, my next piece of narrative phantasmagoria is well under way, as well as a new commission piece. this leads me to my next subject, which is commissions. i do, in fact take commissions for what i hope is a reasonable fee. these commissions, generally, will never be scanned or re-sold as prints. they are exclusive to the client.

when i say i take commissions, however, it should be noted that if i am approached with an idea for a piece utterly incongruous with my usual style and content, i may not take it. if you want something dark, austere and sinister, i will do what i can to make it happen for you. if you want a portrait of your dog in the garden. it is not likely to happen and your money would be better spent elsewhere.

so many projects on the go and not enough of me to go around. i really must get around to cloning myself.