the opvs homo favstvs series

…being the collection of alchemical works…

IV – dictata cum mercurio

it is when one has become deliciously hollow that one can glean new wisdom. when each piece of the self has been lain bare, examined and purified, we are crowned with a new visage of clarity and solemnity. this is the time when the initiate must take the greatest care to allow the correct wisdom to plant its seed in his heart. the lessons of old, each of which has left it’s indelible scar upon his soul, must be re-learned, further informed by new-found knowledge.

proprætorian XXXI
20×30, ink on paper


III – albedo in tartaro

separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, gently and with great ingenuity – tabula smaragdina

the process continues in earnest with an inquisition. from whence do we observe? to which facets of our being is our perception tethered? what wisdom may be gleaned from sundering them and re-ordering them? could we create a new man from a new combination of elements? it is imperative that the way be found.

proprætorian XXIV
20×26, ink on paper

II – v.i.t.r.i.o.l.

i possess the wings of faith. though heavy on my shoulders, no measurement can prove their weight. still, a burden are they not to me. i am the challenger of gravity – vegard sverre tveitan

somewhat like jacob marley, i’ve been carrying this dead weight about for decades. i do not begrudge the burden, as there is wisdom to be found within the puzzle of the flesh, even if it has little truth within it. however, through a clear understanding of the relationship of mind, soul and body (not even a harmony, mind you, but simply from the unadulterated perception), great evolutionary wonders may be wrought.

proprætorian XXI
20×26, ink on paper

I – in horto liberi animus

the folly of schools of philosophy lies in the arrogant belief that their view of life is the clearest. can the man who studies a single tile in a mosaic be sufficiently informed as to comment on the whole? the knowledge that there are absolute truths can be transmitted, though the truths themselves cannot be taught to any necessary degree. truth can only be truly perceived when we step away from the clamour of desire and understand the truths by their shadows on our lives.

proprætorian XVIII
26×20, ink on paper

all artwork on this site is copyright © 1997-2011 atelier proprætoria

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