the lesser works

cthulhu idol I

the unnamable (albeit metaphorical) things that repose in the deepest wells and oubliettes of unseen being speak volumes to me. they have given me visions of the end of days and they have prophesied my role therein. they have striven to give me a code to follow their will by. i once was foolish and misheard their words. they spoke to me of might and disharmony. i, in my juvenility, mistook that as a rallying cry for chaos. then i learned that there is no hope for humanity in chaos. children play at chaos. they will always only ever be children until they deign to stop. at that time, their world will crumble and the truth will ravage their minds.

proprætorian IXa
8 1/2 x 11, ink on paper



djed I

much has been said, written and performed concerning the role of death. the only thing to be added here is that its cousin, whom we meet in our lives and was dubbed by the alchemists as the nigredo is not to be avoided or fled from. indeed, he will let you know just how much substance there is to your life. those with little substance find an end to their faith. those who have the power to endure will find a purification of their faith.

proprætorian XIVa
8 1/2×11, ink on paper

all artwork on this site is copyright © 1997-2011 atelier proprætoria

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