the khemite singularities

…being selections from the first proprætorian series…

VIII – ankh-f-n-knonsu

one of the profound responsibilities we end up crowning ourselves with during the course of any grand initiatic sojourn is that of utter responsibility. with our inner breath, we are compelled to judge with ineffable clarity. with our expelled breath, we are bound to temper our actions with merciless wisdom. both needs must draw their inspiration from a pinnacle of human understanding, unknown, yet beheld from afar as one beholds the moon in its unforgiving beauty.

proprætorian XII
11×14, ink on paper




VII – rameses triumphant

the pharaonic man must learn two lessons if he is to be master. the first lesson is that everything in his world must be gently guided to its destiny. evolution cannot be forced and inspiration will never be coaxed when the conditions for it are unsuitable. it has been rightly said that the thing must take its course. the second lesson is that those things that would stand athwart that course must be beaten mercilessly. if they do not relent, withdraw or submit, they must be slain.

proprætorian XI
11×14, ink on paper




V – death neter

at the risk of  reiterating cliché, the moment of death begins with the moment of our conception. from head to tail, our bodies follow a split road – two paths, both tread in tandem. it requires a profound discipline to maintain any degree of balance, but that balance itself is dependant upon what little wisdom we can glean, either from our experience or from our stellar origins. but we must never lose sight of our beginnings, as this will always be the foundation upon which grand architecture is built.

proprætorian IX
11×14, ink on paper



II – primordial scission (definitive)

the observer and the observed become as two and three, concurrently. the intercourse between the two, the pair itself, becomes a third, whole unto itself. thus the rational and the intuitive, the clear-cut and the savage create a third item within their balance. this is the precarious seat of the human condition, seated on the end of a plank cantilevered between what is known and what is believed. there is no sin in faith. there is sin in faith gleaned in folly.

proprætorian VI
11×14, ink on paper





all artwork on this site is copyright © 1997-2011 atelier proprætoria

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