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His Withering Benediction

Posted in art with tags on July 17, 2017 by propraetor

The latest offering from Atelier Propraetoria is now on display here and in various other places around the net. Prints will be available soon.

For your delectation, I present “His Withering Benediction”.

His Whithering Benediction-web

concerning edictum I

Posted in art, news on February 2, 2013 by propraetor

salve, citizens.

as some may have noted, my piece edictum I – duro in umbræ sancto has been taken down from the page. this has not been done as a result of legal pressure (i document all of my works sufficiently to ensure there is no legal doubt as to my ownership of my art). this was done as a result of dissatisfaction with the piece.

edictum I was completed in a mad rush to meet a framing deadline for my first entrenchment show last august. i had a large, grand design for it and while it carries a certain amount of the sublime to it, i was never completely satisfied with it. the figure was nowhere near as expressive, when inked, as his pencil lines made him. the shadows were nowhere near as deep on him and the demonic figures in the background were not quite as subtly-defined as i had intended. in short, i compromised for the sake of time, and compromise is something i promised myself i would never, never do.

for my punishment for this, as i am my own taskmaster and general in this war i wage, i will re-do the piece, making it more elaborate and hopefully more intense. if i am unsatisfied with it still, i will redo it again. if it takes years, edictum I will not be unleashed until i am completely satisfied with how it looks.

i will commence the redraw as soon as my current work in progress, the auguries of grief. in the meantime, stay tuned for more info concerning upcoming shows. it’s going to be an exciting year.


the cellars of mr. ferguson

Posted in art, news with tags on January 3, 2013 by propraetor

salve, citizens.

after several months of neglect following several hours of love-labour, i have finally completed one of my unfinished absinthe paintings, namely the cellars of mr. ferguson suffer the scrutiny of the late lady torsen.

The Cellars of Mr Ferguson...



the ravenous dusk

Posted in art with tags , , on October 14, 2012 by propraetor

salve, citizens.

today i decided to do a little experiment in speed painting. the result…


i had toyed with this rather unnerving image over the years and it just seemed appropriate to use it in my experiment. it turned out better this way than i had envisioned it as an ink drawing, so i decided to keep it. therefore, for your approval, i submit the ravenous dusk.


entrenchment – second assault and the honourable d.a. clovis…

Posted in art, news on October 4, 2012 by propraetor

salve, citizens.

tomorrow, i will be showing the bulk of my work at strange utopia at 33 queen street south in downtown kitchener. this show will coincide with the city’s oktoberfest festivities. and will be slightly different from its predecessor show, as far as content. like the first instalment, however, it will be a one-night only show.

in other news, this will also be the debut of my latest digital painting, the honourable d.a. clovis, esq. finds sanctuary.


those of you who can make it out to strange utopia for the exhibit will be treated with seeing this haunted piece in person. festivities will run, like the previous show, from 7pm-11pm.


the entrenchment report

Posted in art, news with tags , on September 13, 2012 by propraetor

salve, citizens.

the war has officially begun and the first blow has been struck. the entrenchment show at the button factory has come and gone and now that i have sufficiently decompressed from the event, i can comment on it.

i shall not belabour the experience unduly. i will simply sum it up that it was an evening of art, music and grand camaraderie. many friends came by to share the event, with a few new faces. it was a delight to honour the memory of the most stigmatized emperor of the history of Rome with such good company.

my deepest gratitude to those who showed up and to everyone who showed their support for this endeavour, in spite of it being at the beginning of a holiday weekend. keep your attention here, however, as there will be even more done next year in various locations.


“it is accomplished….”

Posted in art, news with tags , , , on August 26, 2012 by propraetor

salve, citizens.

i am pleased to announce that last week, my newest piece was completed.

this drawing, entitled edictum I – duro in umbræ sancto, is an unusual piece. i am pleased with the result, but something about it feel peculiar to me. it’s almost as though this is, in some way, a further refinement and evolution of my style into something more uniquely my own, and yet with hints of more classical influences like bosch and brueghel the elder.

this piece, however, i am keeping under wraps until the entrenchment show this upcoming friday, so if you want to see it before next week, you’ll need to make your way out to the button factory in waterloo, ontario on friday night. otherwise, keep your eyes here or on the facebook page for images next week.