…call for models…

you are hereby invited to do your part in ushering in the new Cæsar.
join the cause and further the evolution!

atelier proprætoria is on the lookout for models. if you are a model, either professional or just simply interested in posing for something interesting, proprætor needs you for an ongoing series of studies.


  • models can be male or female
  • minimum of 18 years of age, although there will be very little, if any, nude posing
  • any body type and any ethnic background is encouraged
  • model must be within reasonable travelling distance from the kitchener-waterloo area. all models outside an hour-and-a-half radius can schedule a sitting if they happen to be passing through the region.
  • model must be willing to either travel to the atelier or host the artist at their residence/studio.

all models will go through a brief interview, followed by an introductory sitting, during which there will be a series of quick studies done. if these are satisfactory, then further work will be discussed.

should they feel the need, models may be accompanied by a “chaperone” at their discretion. if one is in attendance during the session, the chaperone is requested to not disturb the artist or loom over his shoulder while he works. chaperones are welcome to offer a moderate amount of creative input which is relevant, however they are asked to not interfere with the actual process while the sketch is under way.


professional models will be compensated for their time, at a mutually-agreed upon rate. amateur models may pose for the love of the art, so to speak, or may negotiate a modest fee. the definition of “professional” will be dependent upon the model’s curriculum vitæ and the judgement of the artist. any travel expenses incurred by the model will be reimbursed.

intellectual property

no sketches done during these sessions will be published or elaborated upon without the written consent of the model. as such, their content will remain the property of atelier proprætoria. should the sketches or any modelling find their fruition in a completed piece of art, terms and conditions will be discussed at that time with the model.


contact atelier proprætoria here with any further questions or to discuss modelling.

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