art prints

all art prints are, as a rule, 11×14 unless otherwise noted. larger sizes will be available in the near future, so keep checking back. all prints are on acid-free paper and are shipped in a poster tube.

proprætorian works

ovum simplium, 11x14 print, $30

ante edicto, 11x14 print, $30

of ye delusions of tangibility, 11x14 print, $30


galatea, 11x14 print, $30

albedo in tartaro, 11x14 print, $30

in horto liberi animus, 11x14 print, $30



we are serpents in the limits of the earth, 11x14 print, $30

vide libedo morto in cærvlevs, 11x14 print, $30











cthulhu idol, 8x10 print, $20

djed I, 8x10 print, $20










gruesome prints

doctor schwartzheit administers..., 11x14 print, $30

professor lambert and his homonculus..., 11x14 print, $30









poe, 11x14 print, $30


choir of the dunes, 11x14 print, $30

alhazred in damascus, 11x14 print, $30

the curator, 11x14 print, $30



click here to place your order.

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