the edictum series

edictum I – duro in umbræ sancto

artist’s note: the first proper piece in this series was completed, however has been taken down pending a re-working. as a result, prints will no longer be sold and the first version will no longer be displayed.

more as the new version is completed.


ante edicto, 11x14 print, $30

edictum 0 – ante edicto

the prayer and the threat which percolates in my jaw, waiting to blast the citizens, plebian and patrician alike, stems not from petty desires or from greed. i am not the new Cæsar. i am merely preserving his throne and playing custodian to his might until he arrives. we’ve been in mourning for the truly kingly man for centuries now. it is time we began to clear the road, so he may return to us with feet unsullied by the bestial and the vulgar. his sword shall be cleansed in the blood of the beast-men. then, we shall rise above.

proprætorian XXIX
20×30, ink on paper

all artwork on this site is copyright © 1997-2011 atelier proprætoria

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