…concerning the artist…

proprætor has been working in various artistic media since childhood.

self-taught and self-directed in his craft, he specializes in medium-to-large-scale ink drawings and digital paintings. his subject matter has ranged from the esoteric to the macabre, from the fantastic to the grotesque, from desolation to hope. he has drawn inspiration from such classical masters as leonardo, rembrandt (of whom he is a descendant), william blake and most especially gustave doré. in addition, proprætor has found insight in such contemporary creators as francis bacon and hr giger, and the apocryphal works of aubrey beardsley, félicien rops and clovis trouille. proprætor’s visuals are also shaped by music and informed by philosophy, most notably the italian radical traditionalist philosopher julius evola.

in addition to his visual art, proprætor is also a regular contributor to various online blogs, including the metal blog scrutinizing the steel and his increasingly-popular art and absinthe blog, the house of wormwood.


the artist resides in Kitchener, Ontario with his cats and snake.

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