The Grand Canadian Steampunk Expo and Patreon!!!


Salve citizens.

Autumn is upon us, and you know what that means…the vending season proper begins.

It begins this weekend in Niagara on the Lake, September 22-24 at the historical Fort George with the Grand Canadian Steampunk Exposition. I had the privilege of attending last year in support of my good friends at the Mental Floss Sideshow and I had an utter blast! This year, I will be there with the full arsenal deployed. So come on down, check out the ingenuity of the event and some of the amazing music they have on hand (Abney Park and Frenchie & the Punk will be performing…always an awesome time).

I will be having a selection of very old prints on clearance for $5!

And while I am in news anchor mode, I should let everyone know that I have taken the plunge and set up a Patreon page. Now you can show your support on a monthly basis for as little as $1 and every tier gets a discount in the store. The more you invest, of course, the more you get in return, so click here and show your support for the war!

More on the campaign as it develops!

End of line….

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