Recent Conquests

Salve, citizens.

I have finally elected to update this poor site. Of late, I have been favouring my Facebook page, since I am increasingly dissatisfied with the layout and interface of this page. Time will reveal a solution.

In the meantime, it behoves me to report on my recent activities. As noted earlier, I appeared at the Rue Morgue Dark Carnival in Hamilton, Ontario. Since then, I have appeared at the newly-spawned KW DarkCon in Kitchener and Horror-rama in Toronto.


Both events were a delight to participate in. It is always a pleasure to me, to stand on the front line and greet the oncoming flow of new friends and interested parties. Despite the fact that I couch my art career in military metaphor, I do take a great joy in every encounter.

Perhaps most recently, I had the privilege of being invited by noted death metal vocalist (and my good friend) David Ingram (formerly of Benediction. Bolt Thrower, Downlord and currently of Hail of Bullets and Down Among the Dead Men) to do the cover art for the latest release by his band Echelon. Therefore, with pleasure, I present the cover for the album “The Brimstone Aggrandizement”.


The album itself is a ripping, indulgent audio assault. It was a privilege to work on this with Dave and to be a part of the phenomenon. To pre-order the album or sample the first offering from it, click here.

The next action will come this Sunday, October 23rd in Hamilton at he Halloween edition of the Bazaar of the Bizarre. I’ll be there along with a slew of other interesting artisans and brilliant people.


After that, I will be at the Strange and Astounding Show on November 19-20 at 151 Cadillac Avenue North, Oshawa, Ontario. This will be my first time there since my appearance at the very first one a couple years back. This one will also be a feast for the sinster aestehtic.


Lots going on and even more things in the works. More as the plans evolve and get confirmed. For now, stay strong and let this war rage on!!


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