Two new pieces

Salve, citizens.

Life has been incredibly busy for me of late on a number of levels. I attended both the AlteKrea festival in Kitchener and the Rue Morgue Dark Carnival in Hamilton within the last two months, completed two new pieces since July 1st, and am currently wracking my brain to figure out what I should work on next.

The two new pieces are a bit of an experiment for me. As colour is something which has always been a bit difficult for me to get a grip on, the bulk of my work has been decidedly monochrome. This has changed recently and with what appear to be favourable results.

These two colour experiments have, so far, been very well received by friends and fans in various media. I hope you enjoy them.

In Theatro-web

“In Theatro Doctrinæ Immanis” is an attempt at bringing my obsession with the figure of the plague doctor to a bit more life.

Sacrament - web

“Sacrament” was a further experiment with both colour and texture.

Both partake of the dark narrative horror that I have come to love in my work.


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