New Pieces, New Prints

Salve, citizens.

It has been a very chaotic last few months at Atelier Propraetoria. Things are finally settling down for me so I can actually finish a few projects and turn my attention back to the war.

The current work-in-progress is very much in the home stretch and should be completed within a fortnight, if I can work diligently at it. As usual, I am keeping it more or less under wraps. While, at present, it does not have a title, I can share that it is another experiment in darkly narrative art.

a quick peek

A quick peek for you.

In other news, “The Anthropiary of Stonegarden” is continuing its evolution. I am hoping, before long, to share an exhibition of some of its denizens with the rest of the world. In the meantime, through popular demand, I have decided to start offering prints of my Red Windows series, which until now has only been seen on my Facebook page. The prints will be 8×10 and only available through the Etsy page. I will also be offering smaller prints, say 5×7, available in groups.

If this latter offer works out, I may introduce the same for some of my other works as well.

For now, everyone just hang tight and check out my other locations on the web (see the links page).


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