the road ahead

salve, citizens.

the bazaar of the bizarre

the first piece of news i should report is that I will again be returning to the bazaar of the bizarre in march. the last one, in december, was fairly successful for me and this time i am going to be changing things up a bit: at the coming bazaar, in addition to my usual prints, i will be selling several smaller originals at reduced prices. these originals i will not be making prints of. rather, they are going to be included in a book project i have conceived which i will hopefully have for sale later this year.

in other news, my next piece of narrative phantasmagoria is well under way, as well as a new commission piece. this leads me to my next subject, which is commissions. i do, in fact take commissions for what i hope is a reasonable fee. these commissions, generally, will never be scanned or re-sold as prints. they are exclusive to the client.

when i say i take commissions, however, it should be noted that if i am approached with an idea for a piece utterly incongruous with my usual style and content, i may not take it. if you want something dark, austere and sinister, i will do what i can to make it happen for you. if you want a portrait of your dog in the garden. it is not likely to happen and your money would be better spent elsewhere.

so many projects on the go and not enough of me to go around. i really must get around to cloning myself.


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