updates and future campaigns

salve, citizens.

it has been a while since i have taken the time to pause and update this page. much has been going on in my life which has caused me to spend the bulk of my time producing rather than doing the more administrative ends of things. this week, however, i shall rectify that.

the crossing the rubicon exhibit at gallery 1313 in toronto came and went. many new friends were made, old friends reconnected with and new pieces were shown. most importantly, the rest of toronto is now open for conquest.

some visuals:

as some of you who follow my other online presences have seen, i have completed my most recent piece. this is the second in the seneschal series, entitled of ye lucidity most sombre. was pleased to feature this during the crossing the rubicon exhibit. as it happens, immediately after the exhibit, it found its way into the people’s gallery in waterloo, ontario and shall be returning to atelier proprætoria this week.

of ye lucidity most sombre-2013

currently i am hacking away at another stand-alone piece, after which i will be finally revisiting edictvm I. i am also currently revisiting my sculpting and casting projects, including a new one which i am not going to reveal too widely just yet. let’s just say it will be interesting, nostalgic and perhaps a little meditative.

perhaps the most important news is my return to the world of vending. on december 15, i will be at the bazaar of the bizarre’s “frost bite” winter show in toronto.


this time around, i will only be selling art prints. next time, there will be more artifacts in hand for patrons. feel free to come by and check things out.

apart from all of that, i am also finally renewing my activity on the various blogs i’ve been writing for over the years.

more news as things develop. MMXIV will be another year of conquest, be assured!


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