concerning edictum I

salve, citizens.

as some may have noted, my piece edictum I – duro in umbræ sancto has been taken down from the page. this has not been done as a result of legal pressure (i document all of my works sufficiently to ensure there is no legal doubt as to my ownership of my art). this was done as a result of dissatisfaction with the piece.

edictum I was completed in a mad rush to meet a framing deadline for my first entrenchment show last august. i had a large, grand design for it and while it carries a certain amount of the sublime to it, i was never completely satisfied with it. the figure was nowhere near as expressive, when inked, as his pencil lines made him. the shadows were nowhere near as deep on him and the demonic figures in the background were not quite as subtly-defined as i had intended. in short, i compromised for the sake of time, and compromise is something i promised myself i would never, never do.

for my punishment for this, as i am my own taskmaster and general in this war i wage, i will re-do the piece, making it more elaborate and hopefully more intense. if i am unsatisfied with it still, i will redo it again. if it takes years, edictum I will not be unleashed until i am completely satisfied with how it looks.

i will commence the redraw as soon as my current work in progress, the auguries of grief. in the meantime, stay tuned for more info concerning upcoming shows. it’s going to be an exciting year.


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