entrenchment and armament

salve, citizens.

today, I enter the home stretch on the latest of the propraetorian works, edictum I. this piece, once completed, will remain under wraps until the entrenchment show on august 31 at the button factory in waterloo, ontario, after which time i will unveil it both here and on the facebook page.

entrenchment will be the first solo showing of my artwork in nine years. many pieces will be getting their first showing anywhere. some will be tried and tested veterans of previous wars. if time permits, there may even be a few surprises for attendees. prints and wine will be available and there will be some interesting and engaging fellowship in attendance.

the festivities begin at 7pm and will endure until 11pm.

after this, there will be at least one more show for MMXII, that being the wormwood sojourn in october in peterborough, ontario. the sojourn will feature an exhibition of my digital works, primarilly. after the sojourn, however, will come the silence before the storm.

entrenchment has another important factor to it.

in addition to being the date of the show itself, august 31, MMXII will also be the 2000th anniversary of the nativity of the emperor GAIVS IVLIVS CÆSAR AVGVSTVS GERMANICVS, who is tragically better known, historically, by His childhood nickname of “CALIGVLA”. the emperor GAIVS was known for many unorthodox acts during His reign. some of the primary things GAIVS gifted the empire, however, were the annexation of mauretania (present-day morocco) as a province and various ambitious construction projects.

to commemorate this auspicious anniversary, the year MMXIII will be a year of border-expansion for atelier propraetoria. plans are already underway, however i will withhold further details until such time as details (and finances) are firmed up.

in the meantime, i hope you will join me at the button factory on august 31 to celebrate with me. even though i have participated in several group shows, i am considering this to be a proper celebration of my return to singular exhibition.

until then, citizens.


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