marching forward….

salve, citizens.

while i have not been posting much of any new art here or on my facebook page, i have certainly not been idle. with the warmer summer months, i have relocated my studio space to the lower levels of the house which, strangely, has increased my productivity. as a result, things are moving along quite well with edictum I. i have hit point if recognition finally and as long as i can continue to get at least a few hours of work in a night, all should be well.

i have also been invited to participate in a group show in toronto within the next month. more on that as things coagulate.

in the meantime, it’s a constant battle against interruptions and distractions. for my friends who have been trying to get in contact with me, i apologize for my absence. i‘m working as hard as i can, here. for everyone else, i ask your patience as things get done. once this piece is complete, i will be unleashing some new digital works and other exciting projects i have in mind.

stay human, even when you fall short.


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