People’s Gallery and Strange Utopia

salve, citizens.

a few of propraetor’s works are going to be finding their way into some local establishments today.

first, professor lambert and his homonculus debate the wisdom of duke ellington will be finally getting its exhibition début today at the people’s gallery in waterloo, ontario. the professor will be hanging for the next month.

 second, a good friend of propraetor’s has opened up a unique shop in kitchener, ontario (waterloo’s conjoined twin). disseminating weird artifacts, curiosities, oddities and wares, the store is called strange utopia. it’s located at 33 queen street south in kitchener and propraetor will have a number of his art prints available there, as of their grand opening this saturday (may 26).

therefore, if you are anywhere in the area of these two cities, go check it all out. both will be featuring lots of interesting local talent.


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