Change of plans

salve, citizens

it would seem propraetor has been taught a paradoxical lesson in artistic humility and pride.

a while ago, i started a new piece, which i was hoping to finish in time for the premier exhibit of the new “people’s gallery” in waterloo. turns out the piece is not going to happen. the drawing is simply not coming out the way i was hoping and the surface is not taking the ink (that should have been a sign right there).  the lines look great and the image has mood and spook factor, but it’s just not coming together the way i need it to.

a good friend of mine and i recently discussed the idea of allowing a piece of art to take a long time to be completed if it means putting out a piece of quality work, rather than forcing the issue to make a deadline. it took me five years to complete galatea and i’ve pushed through pieces that should have taken a lot longer, solely to make a deadline for a show. conversely, it took me a month (which is short for me) to complete ovum simplium.

in short, i’m starting this piece over again. i should be able to complete it for the big show in August, but for now i just need to set it aside and focus on edictum I. i‘ll be damned if l am going to create a sub-standard piece of art just to meet a deadline.

more on the propraetorian works coming soon.


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