and the red windows

salve, citizens.

first off, as the astute observer will have noticed, the website domain name has changed to as a result, the domain is properly mapped (which means that, when you go to click on my bio, it reads “” instead of “[bunch of numbers]/about.”

it seems much more professional. therefore, everyone update your bookmarks.

also, for those visitors who are not following me on facebook, i have a facebook-only gallery called the red windows. generally, i try to keep my various online presences different in small ways from one another. this gallery features a series of crimson sketches and vermillion daydreams. they have no deep meaning, not a lot of detail and are in no way as polished as any of my other works.

you see, when i create, my routine is to go to a cafe or coffee shop with a sketchbook and a concept, plug into some dark music of some sort, then see what comes out. sometimes i get nothing, sometimes i get a handful of interesting ideas. since it takes me so long to finish a single ink drawing, owing to the scale and the detail i put into them, the windows serve to at least give some of these images a semi-finished presentation. one or two of them might even find their way into larger production.

here are a few. if you wish to see more, i suggest you visit my facebook page (hit “like” while you’re there) and check out the gallery.



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