salve, citizens.

a quick set of news updates from atelier proprætoria.

first, there will be a showing of some new and favoured proprætorian works coming up in october, 2012. details, such as the length of the run and the date of the opening festivities, among others, are yet to be ironed out. atelier proprætoria is also going to withhold the name of the venue for now, however i can reveal the showing will be taking place in peterborough, ontario. once more details are firmed up, notices will be posted here, as well as on other forums.

secondly, i will be taking a brief hiatus from digital painting. this is owing partially to technical difficulties with my machine, but also to the backlog of ink drawings i have. in fact, the bulk (but not the entirety) of my creative output of 2012 will be in the form of ink drawings. currently on “the slab” is the first proper piece in the edictum series. some will have noticed there is already a single piece in the series. edictum 0, however, is intended to serve as an introductory piece, to set the stage and mood for the rest of the series.

ante edicto, 11x14 print, $30

last, but not least, the winner of the facebook contest for the first casting of the cthulhu idol sculpture has been selected. congratulations to “rev. mike”. once he has been sent his idol, additional castings will be made available afterward. keep your eyes here in the coming months for the notification.

that’s all for now. stay tuned here and/or on facebook and twitter for more updates as they develop.


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