all artists evolve in one sense or another. in some cases it’s a maturity of content, in others the technology changes. i am of the mind that in order for my oeuvre to evolve, for my abilities to wax and for my connection to my art to deepen, i need to change things up.

i‘ve been experimenting with digital painting for a while now and i adore it. i liken it to sculpting with light and colour (2 things somewhat alien to my everyday life). my heart lies in ink, however – in the rich, black carpet of dots and the flowing textures etched thereon.

yesterday, i picked up some quill nibs, some black and red ink and some new boards to work on. even the change felt good.  last night, i played with one of the quills on a small piece of illustration board. i like the feel of it. tonight, i play with washes. this might be a harbinger of the new direction. we shall see.

stay sharp, everyone. the next proprætorian piece is emerging soon.

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