the war is coming….

salve, citizens.

as some of you know, i have gone through some rather sharp personal changes in my life recently. recovery from those changes will take a long time, if it ever comes, but i am combating the stress with the best medicine in the world – labour. arbeit macht frei!

work is proceeding apace on the fourth installment in the opvs homo favstvs series. i am well-past the point of recognition with it, but am still a few steps away from the home stretch. once in the final leg of its creation, the piece will practically finish itself. i am deeply excited by this.

next up, i have the next in the seneschal series as well as the next installment in the edictvm series. more importantly than this, i have yet another series i will be embarking upon. this will be a series of dark, austere portraits of mythological female figures – goddesses, heroines, warrior queens, etc. while sensuality will play a very subtle part in this, this series will focus more on either the royalty or the tragedy of the characters in question. more on this as it develops.

in addition to that, i will also be working on new sculptures and digital paintings and, most excitingly of all, graphic novels. again, stay attentive for more.

in the meantime, i bid you all stay true to yourselves and your humanity.


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