the passing of a muse

i had the curious misfortune of re-joining facebook today to discover that one of the longest-enduring muses of mine during my time in hamilton, ontario had passed away a month ago today.

her name was missy. she was pure fire to interact with.

i had the regret of only knowing missy a fairly short time, and i will not pretend to have known her as well as her family and closer friends. the brief time that i was friends with her, she left a sweet brand upon my heart and soul. she was an incendiary creature of desire and joy, but also of confusion and heart-break. she came to inspire the majority of the pieces i made during the 2001-2003 era of my work. she blessed me by posing for some of my sketches. She even fell asleep during one.

note: i dug around for some of my sketches of her to scan and include with this notice, but all i could find was this last one. even though she was sleeping, the picture looked somewhat funerary, so i shall not include it here. i will try and see if i can draw something new from memory.

i used to jokingly refer to her as my “whore of babylon”, a title she bore with pride for me. she understood clearly that this was not for any sexual references, but for the sheer lust with which she approached life, itself.

though i had not spoken to her in 2 years, the mark she left on my soul had never left me and i suspect it never will.

requiescat in pace, my dear. i shall look for your constellation.

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